Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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The Ethic of Control: Margaret Sanger, Eugenics, and Planned Parenthood by Angela Franz

Activists Reveal Rigidity by Fighting Coerced Abortion Ban

Pro-life amendments blocked from consideration on House floor

Pro-lifers get all over Guttmacher

Holding Plastic Bags Over the Heads of People in Final Exit Network Assisted Suicides

AN AMERICAN EXPORT TO JAPAN - The Culture of Death & the Death of a Culture

Beware of twisted ideas of freedom - A leading American bioethicist argues that ethics without some constraints is merely moral delinquency.


The Elephant in the Room: In praise of Catholic priests who dare to teach and enforce
A group of Muslim converts to Christianity asked us to pray for Benedict XVI, who is under attack from all sides. Non-Catholic Churches, progressives and traditionalists, politicians and radicals are all casting stones at the scapegoat of the week.


Targeted Proposition 8 supporter urges Catholics to ‘stand up’ despite critics

Quebec parental rights in religious and moral education By Jean Morse-Chevrier

N.Y. Catholics: Dems Trying to Bankrupt Church


The new "global warming" tax: biggest U.S. tax hike ever

'Global warming' data called 'ancient astrology' - Researchers rebuke world pressure to accept climate doctrine; Japanese scientists are rejecting U.N. and Western-backed theories of climate change

Global warming has become a powerful political tool. One can see the reasons.

NASA's Chief Climate Scientist Jim Hansen has gone off the deep end - he has been hiding behind a scientific facade, and really, he was a political activist all along." Doctored temperature data on two occasions,2933,501064,00.html

The problem with not having kids - Saving the planet for the next generation by not having a next generation is a bad idea - Mark Steyn,


Democrat Byrd: Obama in power grab that “can threaten the Constitutional system of checks and balances.

The Obama presidency is going to be a radical presidency - Wall Street Journal

Conservative senator blasted for pro-family stance


Senate Bars FCC from Revisiting Fairness Doctrine

Senate Rejects Fairness Doctrine, But Dems ‘Open Back Door to Censorship’

Essay: The Durbin Amendment – The New ‘Fairness’ Doctrine with a Kicker - Law may allow preemptive, premature rescission of broadcast licenses


Steele: GOP won't endorse 'civil unions' - 'What would we do that for? What are you, crazy?'

“Sexual orientation as intrinsic to their identity” - Fr. Jim Schexnayder will lead Lenten retreat for homosexuals offered at San Francisco archdiocese’s Vallombrosa Center


How bad is it going to get? It’s becoming increasingly likely that the answer to that question will be “even worse than you imagined.”


Canadian House of Commons to post MPs' voting records

“Collecting blood money from kids” - Parents Television Council wants California to appeal federal court ruling invalidating state law that restricted sales of sexually explicit and violent video games to minors

Polygamy UK: This special Mail investigation reveals how thousands of men are milking the benefits system to support several wives

Radio chip coming soon to your driver's license? - Homeland Security seeks next-generation REAL ID

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