Thursday, April 9, 2009


Marketers know BRAND is everything. The brand embeds itself in to the psyche and invariably stands for something meaningful to the "customer". The importance of not tarnishing the brand position cannot be overstated.

Throughout the last generation, the psychology of branding has proven to be a highly effective means of persuading opinion and influencing behaviour. It's branding and messaging that got "O" into office.

By branding assorted nafarious schemes with names and images that arouse pleasant associations, and either by abusing the press, or in concert with them, the enemies of truth have very effectively advanced their interests into acceptance and changed the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors of millions of trusting victims.

The Catholic Church, has not strategized, nor deployed the Branding Model of Communication as effectively as our competitors have done. The lost of this world would benefit from the church making effective use of marketings proven strategies and tactics.

Souls are the profits.
Hearts are the currency.
Minds are the gateway.

RC = Joy in Peace through Truth in Love

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