Thursday, April 16, 2009

Call to inaction

The media have betrayed their purpose and now function as propagandists for anti-life idealogues.

Psalm 16:4
"...Nor will I take their names upon my lips."

The solution is simple.

1) Do not watch their shows. Do not watch what they profess is news, nor opinion, nor commentary shows. Nor should you watch any of the junk product they call entertainment that in any way glorifies sin or socialism.

2) Do not speak about them, nor write about them. Do not say their names nor in any way let their identity be revealed through your words, acts, or writings. Speak only about the good.

3) Do not patronize any organization or company that advertises on the offending lie machinery.

4) Let the media and advertisers know you are "inactive" because of their betrayal.

5) Get a real life. Free yourself from the pollution spewed out by TV, news rags and radio yadderers. Read good books, volunteer at a local mission, have a picnic, go bowling with your kids.....


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