Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Error Has No Rights

Obama's Anti-Catholic "Faith" Council Member
"... described the Pope as a “discredited leader” and the Knights of Columbus as “foot soldiers” of an “army of oppression”...

Anti-Life Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

UK-MSM trying to divide the "good" flock from their "evil" shepherds
"There are now almost as many Catholics as citizens of China. Secularists might be surprised to learn that the Church is the largest single supplier of health care and education on the planet, the principal glue of civil society in Africa, the strongest bulwark of opposition to the caste system in India, and a leading player in global campaigns for sustainable living. It provides almost the only charitable presence in Chechnya, and other blackspots often forgotten by the rest of the world."

The Sign of Contradiction
The answer to these questions is that the Pope, the man, is a natural provocateur, the Papal equivalent of a street-fighter and a gambler. He likes to take on opinion and defy it. In an interview given in 1988 he confided that “The church can be just that, modern, by being anti-modern, by being opposed to public opinion....The church must take on its duty of prophetic contradiction, and it must develop the courage to do so.”

Advocates of Error Refused
"... none ... were considered fit to 'improve relations' with the Holy See."

The Rights of Wrong?

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