Monday, April 6, 2009

You must kill who we tell you to

The US Ruling class intends to make Doctors into Executioners.
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Conscience Protection
"...the practice of obstetrics in the US "will suffer" should the plans go ahead. The proposal, he writes, "is an attack on an inalienable right" and will usher in a "form of totalitarianism" that amounts to "discrimination and persecution."
87 percent of Americans say it is important to make sure health care professionals are not forced to participate in abortions.
65% of respondents considering it very essential.
Our mission is to protect and advance the free exercise of conscience rights in health care, thereby protecting patients and upholding American ideals and law.
"A lot of [Catholics] held their noses when they voted for Obama," he told the National Post. "What he has done since taking office has brought those concerns to the fore. His decision on life issues and the way he has communicated them have been deeply dissatisfying to Catholics who voted for him, including me."

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