Friday, April 24, 2009

The Hypocrisy is Glaring

(not a dismembered, decapitated African American boy)

John Kerry to the Huffington Post April 24, 2009:
"I think showing the truth is always important."

Joe Biden speech at Georgetown University April 22, 2009:
“You know there is no excuse for violence against a women or child. There is no excuse.”

Kathleen Sebelius 2005:
“so we don't, after the fact, cover up abuse of children.”
"her actions prove who she really is"

Barack Obama Oct 5, 2004:
"No one is pro-abortion."

Note: in March 2001, and several times thereafter, Obama was the only one to speak out in support of infanticide, in April 2009, Obama started financing FORCED-abortions in China, and on April 22, 2009, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton stated that the Obama administration is pro-actively encouraging abortion worldwide. He has acted quickly on pro-abortion initiatives and assembled an administration that is almost 100% pro-abortion.

If that is not PRO-ABORTION - what is?

In keeping with Kerry's, and Sebelius stated desire to "show the truth", here are a few images associated with the practices that they so strongly advocate and support.

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