Monday, May 4, 2009

23% Duped

301.6 Total US Population
227.7 Million US Population over 18
129.4 Million voted in 2008
69.5 Million voted Obama
59.9 Million voted against Obama

23% of Americans voted FOR this disaster
20% of Americans voted against it
25% of Americans are too young to vote
32% of Americans DID NOT VOTE

Although it is tempting to blame the 23% of Americans who voted to destroy the free world through hopenchange, the 32% that did not bother to vote are also very much responsible.

Expressed as a percentage of eligible voters only:
30.5% voted for hopenchange
26.3% voted to avoid the trainwreck
43.1% didn't bother voting

Note to GOP: That's a lot of voters. If you could only inspire them to get off the couch like Obama's team did you would have won. That's likely the main reason that you lost - Obama's brigade brought in new, previously apathetic citizens to tick those boxes.