Monday, June 1, 2009


Media space devoted to reporting, opining, and commenting on the tragic killing of American abortionist George Tiller will be largely used to condemn pro-human-rights persons as violent and dangerous.

Being familiar with a bit of hard data might be useful to your discussions over the next little while. I would not use the data to defend acts of violence, but it is valid to be able to counter the mis-characterization of Pro-Human Rights advocates as violent, specifically if characterized as having acted "more" violent than the Anti-Human Rights/Pro-Death side has.

Human Rights Culture War Violence Scoresheet

Violence Committed by Pro-Human-Rights "Extremists" or "Vigilantes"

Violence Committed by Anti-Human-Rights "Extremists" or "Vigilantes"

Deadly Violence by Anti-Human-Rights Mainstream Functionaries
Executions by Abortion 1920 - 2008 (Low estimate): ≈ 1,000,000,000
...and an even higher estimate by anti-human rights propagandists Guttmacher!

Worldwide Wars, Genocides, Famines, Ritual Suicides. Human Sacrifices
Combined Total (High Estimate): 438,000,000

"I wouldn't kill an abortionist myself, but I wouldn't want to impose my moral values on others."

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Winfred Mann said...

That's an incredible waste of human life.