Friday, June 5, 2009

Shameless Truth

The UN is becoming more militantly opposed to the inherent right to life of every human being, born or unborn. It is also a growing danger to the sovereignty of nations and a danger to religion, especially authentic belief in Christianity.

Of course not all persons and agencies in the UN are a party to this corruption. Still, the reality is that the UN's deepening ideological rot must be faced and resisted, including in our schools and universities, where uncritical promotion of the UN and its agencies is the rule. LifeSiteNews has been warning about this for years.

Notre Dame is revealing the depth of its intolerance of even the mildest freedom of on campus expression against its invitation to Barack Obama. The continuing effort to convict the peaceful protesters of Obama's visit exhibits a disturbing ruthlessness, especially considering the large number of bishops who also strongly and very publicly opposed the invitation and award to the "Abortion President." Notre Dame is not a Catholic University. That should be made official.

We present two commentaries and one article today (Friday June 5, 2009) on the hits against the pro-life movement because of the Tiller murder. The commentaries are must reads. There have been numerous excellent responses in recent days emphasizing that we should not only avoid weakening our outspokenness against abortion, but should instead proclaim the hard truths about abortion with even greater courage. Yes, you read that right.

Fr. Corapi puts the whole abortion issue in a perspective that heightens the complicity of Notre Dame and others in the demise of America and the unavoidable responsibility of pro-life citizens to act to save not only the unborn, but the nation itself. There is no longer any possibility of security in avoiding personal responsibility to be outspoken and active against abortion and its related evils. Grassroots people and especially business, religious, political, academic and other leaders - you snooze, we all lose - everything that is worth anything. The restoration of a culture of life must finally take FIRST priority.

Adult stem cells prove their amazing worth again, but Barack Obama has given the green light to unethical embryonic stem cell research that has produced nothing but tons of money from taxpayers for exorbitant, useless, unethical research programs.

LifeSiteNews is not for the faint-hearted, but it is for those with a brave heart for the truth and for the threatened lives of the most innocent and vulnerable. We do not remotely care about political correctness or safe, popular causes or worldly respect. You can get all that ad nausea from most of the mainstream media. From LifeSiteNews you get what is, not what others want you to think.

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