Friday, October 30, 2009



Just in case you were wondering how things like promiscuity, divorce, abortion, samesex marriage, euthanasia and things of that ilk made it this far; it's basically a simple program that leads a society to gradually acquiesce to them.

They all start by "coming out of the closet" as a behavior that some people did anyway.

Society Acknowledges.

A champion for the rights of the particpants emerges and demands tolerance of the behavior.

Society Tolerates.

The group of participants demand more than tolerance. They use the claim of being equal as citizens, therefore the behavior itself must also be accepted by all as equal.

Society Accepts.

The group insists that social structures be revised to accomodate their behavior in a public manner society wide.

Society Accomodates.

The group seeks redress for past "injustice" saying that their behavior should have been accomodated all along. They demand equal footing in all respects for their behavior including rights to proselytize using societal resources regardless of the nature of the behavior or the effects it brings to the society.

Society Capitulates.

The abandonment of the original position to capitulate to the special interest undermines the existing social contract and the society transforms.

Society Collapses.

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Child of God said...

Note that the truth of Christ also came out, was acknowledged, tolerated, accepted, accomodated, and acceded to in varying degrees in various locations over time.