Monday, November 23, 2009

Appropriate Deferral

Theological, and Scientific Perspectives declared to be ABOVE the merely Political Perspective

In this clip, Obama makes reference to two perspectives other than his own; the theological, and the scientific perspectives. By choosing to introduce them into his answer, he infers his acceptance of those two persepctives as competent authorities.

He then states that the answer being sought is above his paygrade. With that remark, Obama concedes that the perspective which he represents; ie, the political perspective, is a less competent authority than the other two perspectives he mentioned. If he thought otherwise he would have said the answer is BELOW his paygrade, or simply given the correct answer, but instead, he proclaimed that the correct answer is from ABOVE him.

So here we have one of the most competent of all political authorites deferring to others, whom he admits are more competent on this topic. Therefore, it logically follows that the political authority should be duty bound in truth to adhere to the answers received from those above him, and to act accordingly. To act otherwise deliberately, is patently false, rebels against the self-admitted legitimate authority, and is frankly indefensible.

Fortunately, theology and science happen to agree on this issue. Life begins at conception. The occassional use of the term "ensoulment" is a red herring. Life is defined as the animating principle within an organism, and soul is just the old word for that same thing. From the smallest, simplest single living cell to the most complex, conscious organisms, each one has a soul (life). Ensoulment must be immediate and concurrent to conception, or there would be no life present somewhere along the line. That is death, and since we observe that life as a continuous force, it is false to assert otherwise.

The word juggling oft bantered about regarding emerging consciousness, nervous sytems, heartbeats etc. are all insufficient excuses to try to create a line where befor ti ther is no life, and after it there is. It's blatantly obvious that those are false. An organism's life is a continous event from the fertilized single-cell state, through it's entire development cycle, to it's demise. We can observe cell replication or organic development and we must note that it is never done without the presence of life. It is a life, it is unique, it is human. Theologically, soul = life force. Science has yet to explain or define life, other than to describe the observable attributes of an item that is alive versus one that is not.

So we now have a case where 2 of the 3 competent authorities agree, and those 2 are considered the more competent authorities by the admission of the 3rd authority. In this matter, it is an appropriate deference.

Considering that the political perspective in the US is supposed to be an expression the will of the governed, US laws should consequently be a natural reflection of the will of the majority of the population. In this case, the majority happen also to agree with the truth as declared by science and theology.

So here we have all three competent authorities agreeing that human life is an unbroken continuum from the fertilized, single-cell state, until natural, organic death. US laws are supposed to reflect both that truth and the will of the majority, and they currently do not. Since all truth, wisdom, and power oppose the pro-abortion position, how come abortion continues?

When someone loses touch with reality we call him insane; although reality surrounds him, he does not interact within it accordingly. Insanity could explain it, but Obama's actions in this area are far more contrived than those we would expect of a man simply gone mad. There is something more sinister at work here. Something destructive. Something that lusts for blood from the young, the innocent, the weak, the helpless and the pure. Something that will defy truth and authority to increase the spread of death. We know who fits that M.O.

Yet, you can stop this enormous massacre. Since, all authority comes from above, just pray.

Is a corpse a dead body?

Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

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