Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Choice for Justice

As a person of goodwill, one must remember that all Catholics freely choose to be obedient to the Catholic Church and its teaching. This obedience is not forced on anyone. The choice carries with it the duty to respect all human life from conception to natural death. Public officials have been blessed with a higher level of service to their fellow man. Part of this service includes not being a source of scandal which confuses or misleads people of all faiths. Public officials supporting abortion is scandalous because their actions cooperate with evil and lead to the deaths of millions of innocent human beings each year. Such actions, if one purports to be a person of goodwill, can not be justified.
Comment #6 - Posted by Kathleen

The basic difference between abortion and capital punishment (or the waging of armed force) is that the Church has firmly and explicitly taught that the former is an intrinsic evil: the direct taking of innocent human life to be opposed everywhere and at all times, while the moral worth of the latter two measures are contingent upon specific criteria and circumstance.

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