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To be anything "In Name Only" is simply whitewashing a falsehood. You either are something, or you are not something. RINO's are not Repubilcans, and CINO's are not Catholics. "In Name Only" is an invalid rhetorical construct that simply means NOT.

In the matter of one's BEING a given thing; you need to actually BE that thing AT ALL TIMES in order to truly BE it. You can't be white now and black later. They are mutually exclusive. You can "ACT" differently, but you can't "BE" different.

If an American Citizen should "ACT" like an Italian sometimes, they are not "BEING" an Italian citizen, they are only ACTING like one. If they move to Italy they can change citizenship, but once they do so, they are no longer entitled to be called American Citizens.

In the same manner, if you are a Catholic, you are always a Catholic, or you are not a Catholic at all. If you "ACT" like a Catholic sometimes and "ACT" differently at other times, then you are not "BEING" Catholic. When you depart, you are no longer legitimately entitled to be called Catholic.

We appreciate your imitating us, and your ACTING in ways that are consistent with some of our Lord's teachings, but if it is not permeating your BEing and guiding your BEhavior at all times, then it is a fraudulent misrepresentation for you to claim membership. You are like an actor who lost his mind and now thinks that he is the character he plays on stage, even though he behaves in and out of character with the changing wind.

Catholicism is a freely chosen way of life that must be lived at all times. That is a fundamental membership requirement. You cannot switch it off and on and still "BE" a Catholic. You can imitate us at times, you may misrepresent yourself as belonging to us, but if you are not all-in, you are actually out. You are not one of us.

It is a commonly known, and never hidden fact that membership in the Catholic Church requires full acceptance of Her teachings on matters of faith and morals at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances. We honor saints and martyrs who did so to exemplify this requirement. If someone is known as a Catholic, then they are automatically known as one who, at all moments of their life, in private and public, assents to and upholds all of the truth that the Catholic Church teaches about faith and morals.

Electing a professing Catholic to public office is a choice that voters willingly make. If the Catholic politician is indeed a Catholic, then they are Catholic at all times. It is obvious how they will always vote on certain issues. Catholic teaching is done in the light. Everyone knows Her Truth about Abortion. It was one of Her earliest proclamations, and it has been unchanged for 2,000 years. There is no concealment nor sneakiness about it.

If you disagree with Catholic truth about certain issues, then you have a right to NOT vote for the Catholic representative. However, many Americans did vote for Catholic representatives, often because they are Catholics, so they should expect nothing but Catholic behavior from them in ALL respects, at ALL times, in ALL situations. Catholicism is an all or nothing religion.

The voters who chose Catholic representatives who have since shown themselves to be "CINO's" were actually flagrantly deceived by those representatives. They stole your vote with a LIE.

By their fruit you will know them.


Canada: http://www.howdtheyvote.ca/

As is evidenced by their voting, certain politicians lie about belonging to the Catholic communion. If they were indeed ever truly Catholic they already know this, but for the record, they excommunicated themselves by voting to aid in the killing of helpless, innocent citizens whom, by their office they are duty bound to serve. By claiming to be Catholic, they thereby also claim to know this fact.

They are in reality, "Catholics - NOT". Their membership claims are false, and it should be a simple administrative issue for the church to make public their lack of belonging to Her. They scandalously misrepresented themselves, offending the entire valid membership of the church, and they need to be called out.

The recent US Bishops call to Catholic politicians was a reminder to self-proclaimed Catholics of what the teaching is, and to give them notice that it is a fundamental of the faith, not to be trifled with. For the ones who defrauded their fellow citizens by falsely and PUBLICLY proclaiming themselves Catholic, then PUBLIC excommunication is a necessary remedy.

As one commentator noted, however, "the vast majority of Americans oppose federal funding of abortion" - so, exactly whose "ideology" is being propagated here?

...and now a comment from:

"It's not just the bishops
You can hardly blame the bishops, considering that the majority of Americans are now prolife - including the majority of women. I'm a former pro-choice feminist, now prolife feminist, changed my mind for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the enormously grown science of unborn life, which pro-choicers frankly are in denial about. Also the growing and documented harm that abortion does to women (oop's, that's politically incorrect to talk about, even though it does mean things like damaged uteruses, infertility, premature birth, etc.). To point the finger at Catholics also is rather bigoted, considering that Catholics, including bishops, are US citizens protected by the Constitution just like everyone else. And really hair-brained, considering Catholic hospitals provide 1/6th of the health care in this country. One of every 6 people are cared for in Catholic hospitals. So they do have a huge, justifiable concern about abortion, and every right to speak up about it.So get over the fact that they're Catholic, and start engaging the substance of their arguments, which are hardly merely "superstitious religion." Science is on their side, and one of these days we as a nation will have to come to grips with that, which a majority of us now have.
Submitted by theo on November 8, 2009 - 7:51pm."

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..and it goes without saying that the anti-Catholics are typically being livid and stupid about it.

The notion that we can ever be “free” to kill the innocent is evil.

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