Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Written by a preteen?

With it's childish, whiney tone, immature emotionalism, disresectful name-calling, grade-3 grammar, and the repulsive objective, the only people sending PP's form-letter will be ill-informed girls that are too young to vote.

It is normal business marketing practice to pursue the most likely targets for your most profitable services vigorously. Since their abortion profit center is their largest revenue generator, PP would naturally focus their major market development efforts directly at teenage girls.

♥♥♥ "Hey goverrmint-person, if you like do this thing, then I promise I'll totally vote for you when I grow up; and I'll get all my friends to vote for you too. You know they're like all the 'cool' girls (lol). Thanks mister, recess is over so I have to go back to class now (l8r) ;-)." ♥♥♥

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