Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Science Sluts

A tidy little compilation of goodies:

My two cents on the recent example of the prostitution of "science" (and I use the word loosely) by political idealogues, pales in comparison to the musings of others, so I will simply link up to another site or two, whose postings far surpass anything I could do on this one.

It appears Google does not like Climategate. Perhaps they consider it too evil to be linked to.

But if the excesses of the weather-sciences are about be discredited to the degree that -as some worry- may “bring all science into dispute”, then that harm comes not from the right, who simply dared to question, but solely from the left, who refused to permit questions, openness, transparency.

Are you aware of a list, the published list of 31,000 scientists who oppose this idea of global warming?
...the very opposite is the case.

A surprisingly frank admission of malpractice:
... norms and practices will change over time in response to external changes in political culture, science funding and communication technologies.

OK - Perhaps not all scientists are political whores.

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