Monday, December 21, 2009

Well Duh

Life begins at Adam and Eve. There has been no break in human life since then. At conception a LIVING sperm cell and a LIVING egg cell combine into a single LIVING human cell. If life stopped at any point; that would be death. Death comes after life, not before it.

At the moment of conception, two human life forces, come together to animate a distinct a new human organism, but there is no new life per se. It's the same life we all share that begins animating the new person. Our new brother or sister.

Since human life now animates a new organism, we say there is a new "soul". (The unique manifestation of the human life force constrained to a single organism is it's soul). The new organism comes from combined matter, and it's individual soul is the offspring of (it's) parents life forces, but there is no "new" life.

Consider how a flame is passed from candle to candle. There is no new fire created after the original one, but new candles burn with new flames. It's still the same fire. It's passed on to the new candle while losing nothing of itself. So it is with human life. It is unbroken since our first parents. It is life, fully human at all times.

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