Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Canada Libels National Hero

John 12:43 - They loved praise from men more than praise from God.

Instead of doing a proper job of writing an unbiased and fair report of the facts about a Canadian Citizen standing up for his convictions, the Canadian taxpayer-funded national propaganda service; being predominately staffed by anti-human rights leftists that oppose this citizen's position, reported the event and made absolutely certain to libel him by including a vague reference to a past event that is of no relevance, and little consequence. By being deliberately vague in their report, they feed the imaginations of their anti-Christ audience to assume the worst about this hero, and voila - comboxes full of anti hero tirades.

The CBC article which is about returning an Order of Canada medal, seeks to discredit the returner, Fr. Larre, by including the line: "In 1992, Larré was convicted of two counts of physically abusing children in his care, but he was later pardoned for those offences."

Those pardoned offenses have no relationship whatsoever to the news being reported. The CBC naturally makes no mention whatsoever of Dr. Henry Morgentaler's lengthy arrest record - nor his convictions, nor his prison time ... Fair? Balanced? That's the CBC - the taxpayer funded, anti-human rights propaganda arm of the Canadian government.

You can go here for a CBC report on Morgentaler. It of course paints him as a tireless champion, carefully recounting his personal struggles and setbacks - something they fail to do for Fr. Larre.

The facts:
Father Larré slapped a 19 year old girl who was trying to have sex with a 14 year old boy that was in his care, this was in 1974. He also was charged after insisting that three teens eat a bowl full of `drugs` which were actually sugar pills and vitamins, after the three teens had repeatedly tried to sneek out at night to buy drugs.

Fr. Larre used "old school" tactics a couple of times, and was called on it. He also had a run in with the Psychologists Association in BC, for unspecified reasons, but again, none of these events have any relationship whatsoever to the topic of this "news report".

It's unfortunately become typical of the leftist infested CBC to use ad hominem personal attacks to tar Catholic, pro-human rights heroes, and to exclude balancing information about other parties. But then, what else could they use to support the Queen' s honoring of a mass murderer for promoting mass murder? Ad hominems and libel are all they really have to work with.

The CBC's shilling for the culture of death is an embarassment to Canada, a disservice to Canadians, and a blight on the media profession. Shame on them.

Bias alive and well at the CBC...

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