Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sane Haven

A national leader who knows how to prioritize!

"This may be a shock," Harper said last month in the House of Commons, "but the negotiators Canada assigns to international negotiations (like Copenhagen) are there to represent the interests of Canada, not the interests of Mali."

Canada has taken up the slack under the brave stewardship of Stephen Harper.

The World Economic Forum has recently ranked Canada’s banking system as the soundest in the world

Canada received another vote of confidence Tuesday as the International Monetary Fund raised its 2010 growth outlook for the country to 2.6%, positioning it as one of the top performers among developed countries for this year and next.

Certainly Canada is still in the gifted class among nations. While the financial crisis and recession have had a negative effect on Canada and its 16 peer countries, they remain among the wealthiest in the world.

Most important, Canada’s Economic Action Plan meets the needs of Canadians. It helps Canadians who are out of work. It protects Canadian jobs and businesses. It builds up our communities. And it puts more money in the hands of Canadian families.

If prorogation is the greatest evil facing Canada today, Stephen Harper must be doing something right.

So, when the Liberals prorogue the Parliament - it's the rule. It's something that must be done, so that the government could reset its agenda and start over with the new Throne speech. When the Conservatives do it - that's playing politics and suppressing the opposition.

"The only person who consistently outsmarts Stephen Harper is Stephen Harper — he is his own best opponent."

Canada's seats wll be empty.

Canada intends to champion a new international agenda to improve the health of women and children in the world's poorest regions, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

But whatever the party's reasons, maternal and child health worldwide is a cause in desperate need of a champion. If it suits the Harper Conservatives to play that role, good will come of it, whether accusations of cynicism are warranted or not.


Canada leads international efforts...

"I love Stephen Harper. He is currently the real leader of the free world."

Canada calls on developed nations to forgive Haiti’s debt

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