Friday, February 5, 2010


The Catholic Church has a positive vision of human life, marriage and family which must not be presented as a list of things the church opposes.

The church's positive and inspiring vision of human life, the beauty of marriage and the joy of parenthood are rooted in God's infinite, transforming and ennobling love for all of us, which opens our eyes to recognize and love his image in our neighbor.

Too often, the church's doctrine is perceived as a series of prohibitions and retrograde positions, whereas the reality, as we know, is that it is creative and life-giving.

Protecting human life at every stage of existence is a key concern for the church, he said, and support for euthanasia strikes at the very heart of the Christian understanding of the dignity of human life.

If the church's teaching is compromised, even slightly, in one such area, then it becomes hard to defend the fullness of Catholic doctrine in an integral manner.

"... supporting the family and promoting its good, its rights, its unity and stability, is the best way of protecting the rights and the genuine needs of minors."

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