Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kill Innocent Children - or Not

This is debatable?
“The abortion debate is on and we must not be afraid of it,”

“I deplore this attitude of many of our representatives who do not appear willing to face up to the injustice our country condones in offering no legal protection for a child in its mother’s womb,”

... [abortion] is “considered a crime, a moral crime and a legal crime, too, and the Church is asking the states to penalize the practice of abortion.”

The problem with a debate about abortion is that it appears that only one side has anything valid to say. Those who get involved in this debate need to prepare themselves to nullify the illegitimate arguments from the anti human rights camp who are forced to rely on invalid debate tactics such as logical fallacies in order to support their untenable position and claim debate victories. If they are called on their tactics one-by-one, as they occur, they will be unable to generate any valid arguments at all. See article here.

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