Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Protecting Canadian Lives Inevitable

Overall, 62% of Canadians support some form of legal protection for the unborn. Only 33% of Canadians are satisfied with the current lack of any legal protection before birth.

Even in Quebec: Abortion Non! – 65%

The only reason Canada has complete abortion on demand is not action, but inaction, and politicians’ unwillingness to address the issue because of a fear of repercussions at the ballot box. http://network.nationalpost.com/NP/blogs/fullcomment/archive/2010/05/17/tasha-kheiriddin-abortion-law-an-unavoidable-debate.aspx#ixzz0oIjhohRe

The topic is on permanent high boil for so many, and therefore any opportunity at all to discuss it brings it up again and again.

The same people who think Cardinal Ouellette has no right to call abortion a moral crime think it is perfectly okay to label those calling for a national discussion on abortion moral criminals. Enough with the name-calling. Let's have that long-deferred discussion, and let's make it civil.

The Toronto Star's uberleft Linda Diebel is worried. Evidence her laughably pathetic attempt to spin this by inserting a plethora of the Star's anti-human rights advocating, conservative bashing, US bashing, fear mongering "style-guide" phrases - "anti-choice, anti-abortion, abortion rights, pro-choice, conservative religious right, far-right wing ideologies, US Republican playbook, George W. Bush, harassment of women, extremely unnerving..."

“This is something all Canadians want to help fix and that’s why the Prime Minister is championing this issue on the world stage. It’s time the Liberals got behind this worthy and worthwhile initiative.”

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