Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"... mostly because of Mr. Harper’s record of supporting Israel."

"Principled power is never preceded by conditional adjectives. It is a force to be used as a shield for the innocent and a staff of the just. ... The message of the Harper government is clear. We Canadians ... will never barter values to expediency."

"While we’re at it, what does the Security Council have to show for its 64-year existence? The League of Nations was supposedly undone by its failure to take action in the face of the Italian invasion of Abyssinia. But the Security Council’s history has been one long series of Abyssinias, of crises it failed to resolve and invasions it did nothing to stop, from Hungary to Czechoslovakia to Afghanistan. Indeed, it could not even muster a futile vote against these atrocities,..."

He added the government's decisions are based on shared Canadian values — freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, justice, development, and humanitarian assistance for those who need it. "Those are the things we're pursuing, and that does not change regardless of what the outcome of a secret votes is," he said.

The "price" to Canada is to "not-get" something we don't really need from a meddling, ineffective, leftist organization. Considering the $millions the "honor" would cost Canada every year for its involvement there; "not-getting" it is the more profitable alternative.

It actually winds up being a win-win-win-win result. The Islamic conference gets to feel that warm and fuzzy victory feeling that they need to feel so badly; Israel gets to see a clear demonstration that Canada will not break faith with them; Canada saves a bunch of shekels and bother; and Portugal gets to put it's hand up in special meetings a couple of times a year.

What a great day!

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