Thursday, September 22, 2011

1.2 Billion Dollars of Death

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has estimated that practicing homosexual men account for 61% of the new HIV infections in the United States while they only amount to about 2% of the country’s population.

In 1999, AIDS cost Canada $2 Billion.

So by computing 61% of that $2 Billion we can see that $1.22 Billion in costs and losses (1999) are directly avoidable if only homosexuals were not committing sodomy. Putting other peoples penises up your bum maybe a compulsive obsession for some persons, but for most humans it is a totally controllable behavior. No one ever "accidentally" has anal intercourse. It is always a result of a series of conscious choices.

It should be illegal in the interests of both public health and negative economic impact. Not to mention the myriad negative social, moral and spiritual consequences.

This small percentage of compulsive misbehavors in society are costing the rest of us taxpayers way too much proportinately. I can think of a lot better things to do with $1.22 Billion.

So keep your pants on, and stop putting things up your bums, and we'll all be richer boys.

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