Monday, June 8, 2009

God Exists Because We Believe It?

Now, if your holy book is true as the words of God, why are so many people disputing it? It's not quite 'true' then, is it?;_ylt=Al9gCDNufsUoTJS.xw3MRLjty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080401120953AAnrFyh&show=7#profile-info-Rsok9sIoaa

Your assertion is that if it is not believed my many, then it is not the true book. The inversion implies that by virtue of it not being true = many people not believing is the correct response.

This logical premise is expressed as:
¬ believe (so many people) ⇔ ¬ truth (God's word is holy book)
(cancel negatives (¬))
believe (so many people) ⇔ truth (God's word is holy book)

So therefore the converse is that if many people believe, then it is true that God's word is our holy book.

At last count ≈ 2,000,000,000 earthlings believe it, so it therefore by YOUR LOGIC must be the true holy book of God's words.

Truth is truth even if no one believes it.

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