Friday, January 8, 2010

When Truth Wins

You are a child of the Universe. You have a right to be here.
- Desiderata

Human Rights accrue to human beings simply because they are human beings. Governments do not bestow those rights, they only choose to respect them or not to respect them, and many modern governments have choosen to not respect them. Their legal systems are officially anti human rights at it's most fundamental level.

LIFE is a Human Right - the most fundamental one. That a new human life begins at human conception is a proven scientific FACT and agrees with the majority of theological and philosophical opinion. Flesh begets flesh, spirit begets spirit. The sperm cell is a live human cell and the egg is a live human cell. Human Life is passed on to the biological human without any break in the continuity of the human life force... if it were not so, then death would necessarily preced life.

The CHOICE of a woman is to cooperate with a man and participate in a reproductive act, or to not do so. Once that decision is made, the man and woman are both fully accountable for any new human life that their deliberate reproductive action produces.

There is no valid argument against it. Only logical fallacies, and deceptions are used to defend the opinion that such human life is killable because it is defenseless and dependent on its parents.

When Justice Triumphs...

Abortion, being the deliberate, pre-meditated, taking of a human life, is a murder, so when an abortion is committed; the medical practitioner is a 1st degree murderer, the mother (and frequently the father) are accomplices to 1st degree murder, the clinic staff are guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, and those suggesting or promoting abortion are guilty of counselling to commit a felony murder. That is what true justice demands. The current legal codes regarding the crime of abortion in most western nations are in reality unjust and deadly. They do not protect innocent citizens from deliberate fatal attacks.

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