Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Left Wing Unhinged

If either wing becomes unhinged, the whole plane goes down.


Left Attacks - Right Defends - Right demonized

Left attacks ordered from pinnacle

Left leadership regresses society to dehumanizing "niggers to the back" again.

Dehumanizing segments of the population you supposedly serve is not leadership; it is a war crime. Dehumanizing is used by propagandists prior to genocides or wars. The idea is that it is easier to accept killing targets when they are non-human, so drum into your soldiers heads that the target population (the "enemy") is non-human or sub-human. Bullies do the same thing when they trash talk their intended victim before they strike. By doing so they pre-assuage their consciences so they can strike with a sense of impunity.

Obama's dehumanizing remark is the sort of rhetoric that has historically been used to set the stage for the mass murdering of "opponents". It is the most divisive and dangerous insult that a politician can hurl.

Right attacks left

Unstable commits murder of right

Left demonizes victim
The article deliberately uses negative adjectives to identify the victim as "anti" and "activist" instead of pro-life advocate. They also use a grainy, low angle, b/w picture,of Pouillon in an aggressive posture, with a stern expression and an open mouth. " The caption includes anti...activist...heated discussion..."

"I can see someone spitting on him or punching him,...

Left excuses and condones violence

Unstable attempts murder of right - Right seeks healing and forgiveness

Unstable commits murder of left - Left exploits to demonize right

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