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Battleground Burnaby - Gays vs Hateful, Bigoted, Immigrant, Asian, Christian, Muslim, UnCanadian, Flat-Earthers

In Burnaby, BC Canada the trustees of the local board of education are considering implementing a new homophobia/heterosexism policy. The process seems to have been done somewhat secretively until recently when it became known publicly, and a debate has begun.

The draft policy:

The purpose stated in bold at he beginning of the policy document is laudable and even consistent with Catholic teaching (Catechism 2358) but the rest of the written policy document is rife with problematic statements.

Under the heading "Objectives", they fail to list heterosexual, or straight as sexual orientations. If those are not orientations, what are they? If they are, then why are they excluded from the list in the very policy that states its purpose is to foster inclusion, and diversity, REGARDLESS of orientation?

Objective "g)" it uses the expression "true identities". Since when is a sexual preference a "true" identity? It's an appetite. This statement also ignores those who do not necessarily want to be labelled as gay, or those that are questioning, but instead encourages "outing".

The most odious part of the policy is the definition of "HETEROSEXISM" it contains. The definition flies in the face of observable reality and ignores common usage of English terminology. It also makes clearly false and unsupported statements, which coming from an educational body is very disconcerting.

"Heterosexism refers to the mistaken assumption that all people are heterosexual and that heterosexuality is superior and the norm by which all other sexual orientation and gender identities are measured. Heterosexism perpetuates negative stereotypes and is dangerous to individuals and communities."

1) It is clearly a "mistaken assumption" that "all people are heterosexual", but who on earth actually thinks this? The inclusion of this ridiculous assertion seems intended solely to make the "mistaken assumption" statement true. Having now lead people to accept the "trueness" that this is a "mistaken assumption", they then append false statements and an unsubstantiated assertion to it.

2) It declares that it is also a "mistaken assumption" that heterosexuality is normal. When is 95% of the population abnormal?

3) It declares as a "mistaken assumption" that heterosexuality is superior. Heterosexuality is biologically natural, and transmits life bringing new humans into being, thereby perpetuating our species. Gay sex ignores nature, fails to transmit life, does not bring new people into existence, and frequently leads to disease, psychological problems, and death. Which is superior?

4) It then declares that heterosexism "perpetuates negative stereotypes and is dangerous, yet there is no evidence to back up this statement. Homosexuality however is clearly documented to be dangerous.

The policy contains a section called "Parent Programs" which contains a laughable statement based on the fact that parents appear to have been deliberately excluded from the policy development process. Where is there any demonstrated attempt to increase parental awareness? So far the actions are opposite to the words.

Statement "(g)" under "Learning Resources, Curriculum Resources and Library Resources" it calls on teachers to identify "gender bias". No more girls with dolls or boys playing ball allowed. Only grey neuters participating equally in all activities will be allowed.

Statement "(e)" which shows in the document as a second "(d)" under "Counselling and Student Support", states that the counselling staff are required to "ENCOURAGE" gay clubs. It does not say they are to allow, or support them, it specifically states they are to encourage them.

There is ample local press on the situation, with the Gay press trying to frame this as a gay-friendly, anti-homophobia, safety and equality policy, and labeling their opposition as indoctrinated, bigoted, immigrant, flat-earthers. Why did Xtra make the (journalistically invalid) point of identifying the race and creed of opponents? How is the race and creed of local parents germane to this Xtra article? This is blatant race-baiting.

Perhaps they are trying to rally anti-immigrant, anti-Asian, anti-Christian, pro-Canadian sentiment to their cause, but their effort so far has only led to these sentiments being expressed almost exclusively by gays.(note the comments made by Gay readers of the Xtra article)

"... parents and citizens, many of them members of Burnaby’s Willingdon Church and nearly all of Asian descent,..."

Then the local MSM picks up on the race issue started in the gay press, ratchets it up and exposes it to the larger metropolitan community.

"...a case of immigrants bringing intolerant views into Canada and undermining Canadian values — a textbook illustration of what's wrong with our vaunted cultural mosaic."

The same article also calls for indoctrination, and repeats the anti-immigrant rhetoric.

"When parents and community leaders believe homosexuality is unnatural, it's essential for schools to provide counter-education so our society can evolve out of bigotry. And it's not just ethnic groups promulgating intolerance."
Same paper, same day - truth to power?

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