Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gay Gang Green?

What is Green about?
in answer to that question, most people would say that it is living a life that is harmonious with our natural environment, avoiding causing environmental harm, respecting the balance of the natural environment, and using things as nature presents them. A decision to go green includes managing what goes into and out of your own body since it too is a part of our natural environment.

So what is the nature of the body?
The human body consists of several interdependent biological systems, each with a distinct function. One of these sytems is the reproductive system. The NATURE of this system is to create new members of the human race through male/female coupling. The result of these couplings are new, highly dependent creatures that require care and nurturing for up to 20 years before thay are ready to assume adult roles in the human animal kingdom. That's nature. No denying it.

Disregarding this obvious fact in nature is at the core of gay sex. By ignoring the reproductive purpose of the reproductive system, and using it as a personal amusement park, routinely invading the digestive system with reproductive organs, and vice versa, transferring bodily fluids, toxic chemicals (condoms and lubricants), and manufactured articles, it is readily observed that increased occurences of disease and death run rampant in the gay community.

"The study found gay men were also more likely to get cancer..."

So gays turn to manufactured, polluting solutions to reduce the inherent physical risks of practicing their obviously unnatural activities. In so doing they may reduce certain risks to themselves, but they increase the dangers to others and contributre to the destruction of the planetary eco-system. Gay activities and gay "safety paraphernalia" are anything but "Green".

Condom users should be required by law to use medical waste disposal services.

"...chemical additives are mixed to form a paste. This paste is then blended with the liquid latex in a process called compounding.

" ...both carcinogenic and immunosuppressive substances when introduced into the body."

" are going to have a wrapper to dispose of. These foil wrappers will not biodegrade, nor can they be recycled."

"The condoms are then immersed in the powdering tank. In powdering a mixture of magnesium carbonate, cornstarch, and anti-bacterial chemicals..."

PS: Condoms have a 15% failure rate.

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