Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hiding From the Hot Potato

Anti-human rights advocate, and Canadian federal politician, Hedy Fry knows her math.

Over 60% of the voting population do not want what the elitist, anti-human rights minority to which Ms. Fry belongs, imposed on our society. She knows that if a debate were to open, her minority stands a real chance of defeat.

So what's an anti-human rights extremist to do? Deny the right to debate? Refuse to participate in debate? Conceal information? Have experts hide relevant public information? Deny legitimate requests for public owned data? Declare the matter settled and closed? Deny other human rights like free speech, freedoms of movement - liberty - assembly, freedom of conscience?

Ms. Fry, and a significant proportion of those to whom we have entrusted political power, as well as some on whom we rely for information, are using those powers against us and our fellow citizens. They excuse themselves from the requirement to use it correctly, but instead they abuse it by enacting what amounts to an anti-human rights agenda against such lesser beings as we the Canadian voters.

They need to stop abusing the human rights of Canadian Citizens to keep this issue cloaked in obscurity, misinformation and deceptive rhetoric.

Do the right thing and defend your position on this important life-or-death, fundamental human rights issue that the majority of the Canadian population want changed. Man up and debate Hedy. To the winner go the spoils.

"...not likely be debated in the House any time soon given the political hot potato the topic is..."

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